Dentist - Towson
8600 LaSalle Rd. Suite 406 Severn Bldg.
Towson, MD 21286

Our extraordinary team has been carefully chosen for their professional skills, and the friendly and personable way in which they interact with our patients. Each member has a strong commitment to consistently serve our patients with sincere personal attention. Our entire staff always understands and respects client confidentiality and is completely dedicated to patient service.

Front Desk
Your first contact with our team will likely be with our friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff, which will greet you upon your visit. They will assist you on insurance and benefit details, scheduling and appointments, financing options, and other administrative matters.

Clinical Staff
Our skilled Dental Assistants will make sure you are comfortable physically and emotionally during your visit. They meticulously make sure the treatment rooms and equipment are super clean and maintain our rigorous sterilization standards. Each assistant works closely with Dr. Shulman and our hygienist in giving you high-quality personal care. Our assistants will communicate with you during your visit and will follow up with you afterwards to make sure all your needs are met.

Our patients have come to trust and appreciate the personal attention and outstanding professional care they receive from our hygienist. Our hygienist discusses oral health and hygiene with each patient, examines and cleans their teeth and gums, assesses their overall needs, and then recommends specific treatment options. Our philosophy is always to treat patients for the care they need now. The role of the hygienist is to help each patient keep their teeth and gums clean and disease free, and to educate patients on ways to implement preventative measures that will help them avoid major dental problems in the future.

Our office has a very stable management team. Office manager, Kathleen Fromme, who has been with us for over 20 years, continues to make sure all systems are running in the same efficient manner as always. She works closely with Dr. Shulman on all aspects of the facility operations, as well as the daily business management. She also works closely with our staff in making sure we are delivering the highest professional service and patient experience as possible.


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